Warrant issued after suspect a no-show in court for alleged beating of ex-SF fire commissioner

An arrest warrant was issued for the man accused of attacking a former San Francisco fire commissioner.

A judge ordered a no bail warrant for Garrett Doty, 24, after he failed to appear in court on Tuesday.

Doty's lawyer was in court along with prosecutors, and the trial continued.

Doty's attorney said he does not know if his client will be held in custody for the duration of the trial once he's arrested.

Doty was scheduled to appear in court on charges related to his alleged attack on former San Francisco fire commissioner Don Carmignani with a metal rod in April.

Doty, who is unhoused, was previously released from jail after Carmignani failed to show up to the preliminary hearing to testify. 

Carmignani's attorney claimed his client was unable to appear because he was still recovering from surgery for a fractured skull and broken jaw, injuries he allegedly sustained during the assault.