WATCH: Pope Francis gives medicine to young patient

Pope Francis had a message about "kindness therapy" for young patients in Mexico. 

According to the Catholic Herald, Pope Francis said kindness can bring more joy as he visited Federico Gomez children’s hospital in Mexico City.

According to the report, he helped launch a polio vaccine campaign at the hospital. He gave a 5-year-old the vaccine and a hug. 


The pope bent down and kissed dozens of sick kids, playfully mussing the hair of the older ones.

Some posed for selfies with the pope. Several rose from their wheelchairs to embrace him. Francis also played doctor to one little boy, administering medicine from a dropper.

The pope makes a point of stopping at children's hospitals during his foreign trips, both to visit with the kids and to thank the staff for caring for them. While parts of the encounters are televised, Francis also visits bedridden patients in private for more personal encounters.