WATCH: SFPD shreds with kids at Embarcadero ice rink

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Some San Francisco police officers laced up their skates Friday to take a spin around an ice rink with neighborhood children.
Dozens of officers paired up with school-aged kids at the Embarcadero at 11:00 Friday morning.

The event's goal was to try to bring together young people and police at the annual occasion sponsored by Boston Properties.

“Often times when we see people it's at their worst moment, when things are really bad or the situations are volatile,” said Chief Bill Scott. “And you know, we have to do our jobs and we have to work through those moments, but to build relationships when those things aren't occurring really is important.”

And Chief Scott, despite being off the ice for 20 years, got in on the action. And at one point, he almost fell, but was saved by the wall.

“We know some of the cops, but some of them we're just meeting,” said Xavier Lattamore, a neighborhood kid who participated in the skate. “I want to meet new cops because one day I want to be one when I'm an adult.”

After hours of skating, the children were treated to hot cocoa and cookies, and they needed it, because it was a cold one that day.