Watch: Spanish police save great horned owl trapped in barbed wire fence

Authorities in Spain performed a daring rescue for a great horned owl that was trapped in a barbed wire fence in Malaga. 

Local police, a team from the Nature Protection Group responded to the scene near the Limonero dam last week.

A citizen had notified authorities after walking in the area and "noticed the bird’s predicament and called the police for assistance."

"The animal was initially frightened and defensive, but gradually became more relaxed, allowing the officers to work," Malaga’s Local Police said. 

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"The local police successfully freed the owl and subsequently transferred it to the Malaga Animal Protection Center (CEPAM) for treatment by the municipal veterinarian. With the assistance of other center staff, the veterinarian displayed great skill in removing the embedded wire fragments," police continued.

The owl is expected to recover and return to its natural habitat. 

This story was reported from Los Angeles.