WATCH: Teenager uses GoogleMaps to discover ancient Mayan city?

Most fifteen year old boys spend their time online on Facebook or trying to test the limits of their parental controls. William Gadoury used his free time to discover an ancient Mayan city using Google Maps and a star chart. Gadoury says that Mayans 'often built in places that made little practical sense. Far from rivers, far from fertile areas. It seemed strange for a civilization that was so intelligent. I knew they were good at Astronomy so i made the link.'

He studied 22 constellations and found that he stars matched 117 known ancient cities. He then realized that one star in a 23rd constellation didn't have a corresponding Mayan city. Gadoury met Canadian Space Agency officer Daniel De Isle at a school science fair and explained his theory. De Lisle was so impressed that he allowed the teen access to high definition satellite images.

The CSA is cautiously optimistic stating 'There are enough items to suggest it could be a man made structure.'

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