Weekend crime wave torments Oakland

It was another violent weekend in Oakland. Police are investigating two dozen armed robberies. In most cases, a knife or gun was used.

Friday there were seven robberies and two carjackings. Saturday there were nine more robberies and a carjacking. And Sunday, police were called to four robberies and a carjacking. These incidents happened across the city. Some of the areas hit hardest include Uptown and the Fruitvale areas.

"It's an organized ring," said City Council Member Noel Gallo. Gallo represents District 5 which includes the Fruitvale. He said residents call and text him about crime all the time. "Having grown up in East Oakland, we've been through this before. But the reality we need now is we do need to definitely increase our police officers on the street."

Michelle Walton and Wesley Dawan are the owners of Loyal to the Soil Oakland on Broadway. They say crime is hurting small businesses. They want accountability from the city.

"If they are not going to be accountable as far as deterring the crime and getting people to stop doing it, they should at least pay because they are putting businesses out of business," said Walton.

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"Accountability has to start with what are we doing for these young people to get jobs and training, anything other than looking at crime as a way to make money," added Dawan.

Police say they are closely tracking these crime trends. OPD took three people into custody in connection to at least seven cases.