Woman assaulted near SJSU campus by group of suspects

Police are looking for a group of suspects related to an attack on a woman near the San Jose State University campus around midnight. 

The attack happened on the corner of San Carlos and 4th Streets, across from the campus. It lasted several minutes, stretching from the sidewalk to a fast food parking lot. A bottle was used in the attack. 

The woman was bleeding from a head injury, and was taken to the hospital.

Witnesses told officers that the woman was beaten and then left on the ground, bleeding from her head.

"We put in a brand new surveillance system because of the fact that there's a lot of violence going on in this area," said Nicandro Barrita, who owns the La Victoria Taqueria. The restaurant sits next to the parking lot where the fight ended.

Many of Barrita's days are spent inside a second floor, secluded video room, reviewing images of violent crimes captured by a battery of 20 cameras. He says he upgraded the system shortly after the second of two shootings here last month..

"The police department, the cops, they're so busy, that they don't have time to keep coming all the time," said Barrita. "and it's understandable and that's why we took that extra step to put brand new cameras in here."

Both San Jose city and campus police responded. Police and detectives say they don't know if it was a planned attack, or if the victim was chosen at random. 

San Jose Police Department spokesman Enrique Garcia said it's not all that unusual for the suspects and victim in a street brawl to be all women. 

"It does happen. You guys have a tape and it does happen, not a lot, but it does happen," he said. 

The victim is believed to be in her late 20s. Police believe the suspects are 4-6 Latino women in their mid-20s. 

The woman who was beaten sustained non-life threatening injuries and was treated at the hospital. She is not connected to San Jose State.

"We can't prevent it but we can at least help them catch the person and prosecuting them," said Barrita as she continued scanning for more clues that may be contained in the 20 small surveillance video blocks crammed onto a single computer screen.. San Jose police ask anyone who recognizes one of the half dozen suspects to give them a call.