Woman holds birthday party for homeless man

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A woman not only held a birthday party for a homeless man, but also helped him make a big step towards getting housing. 

Katie Thompson first met Tim four years ago at the softball fields where she plays. 

Thompson says Tim was timid at first, but now he walks right over and watches the games. Over time, Thompson learned more about Tim's story. 

Tim rides his bike all over Memphis to collect cans for money. Thompson says that Tim has been homeless for almost ten years, and has never slept in a bed during that time. 

She says he never asks for anything and keeps to himself. 

Last week, Thompson told a social worker about Tim, but she already knew who he was. The social worker had been trying to get him into housing for over a year, but says Tim was too shy to finish the paperwork. 

The social worker and Thompson went to the park and helped Tim start the process again. They learned his 38th birthday was three days later. 

On June 30th, three social workers and Thompson threw Tim a birthday party as he completed the paperwork for housing. 

Thompson says he was all smiles. He had two slices of cake, and even got new bike tires for his birthday. 

She says she wants to help change how people perceive the homeless. Thompson says, "The world is full of Tims, people who had a bad break in life and need someone to show them kindness."

She added, "Everyone deserves another chance and everyone deserves love".