Woman in critical condition after she was struck in San Francisco crosswalk

A typically busy San Francisco intersection was at a standstill Wednesday morning after a hauling truck hit a woman crossing the street, “Really sad situation we don’t want this to keep occurring,” said San Francisco Fire Chief Joanna Hayes-White.

The driver of a truck, owned by Ruezga Hauling, turned left from Bryant Street to Second Street while a woman was walking in the crosswalk on Second Street. They both had green lights when the truck driver hit the woman. She was rushed to the hospital with critical injuries according to the San Francisco Police Department. The driver stayed on scene and cooperated with police.

“We’re all really trying hard to look at different solutions even one of these is way too many,” said Hayes-White who said she came to the scene to brainstorm ideas on how to prevent another accident like this from happening. She was brainstorming ideas and said one possible solution could be looking into removing the crosswalk, “I see it time and time again it’s a really busy intersection there are many in San Francisco, but this is one for sure. Cars getting ready to go on bridge, people are rushing, they may need to rethink this,” she said.

The threat here is all too familiar for business owner Leslie Hennessy, “Myself, my wife, my employees almost got killed in the crosswalk a couple blocks down.”

Hennessy’s Wine and Specialty Foods has been there for years. He thinks the best solution is more officers in the area to control traffic, “People are dying to get on the Bay Bridge. They’re stressed from work, trying to get through the intersection there’s no control of the light situation.”

The San Francisco Police Department said they know that area is heavily traveled and have had officers control traffic there from time to time.

Whatever the answer may be, Chief Hayes-White said there’s a lot to consider, but the number one goal is making sure this doesn’t happen again, “There’s a lot of competing interests. You’ve got vehicles during commute hours, you’ve got pedestrians, you’ve got bicyclists and we want to make sure everyone is safe as can be.”