Woman who reported van in San Jose baby kidnapping is called a 'hero'

There are still many unanswered questions Tuesday after a kidnapped 3-month-old baby boy was found unharmed in San Jose.

Police said they arrested three suspects and that the family may know them.

"We know that there’s some connection to the family. But we don’t know exactly what that connection is. And that’s something that will be determined through the course of the investigation," said San Jose Police Assistant Chief Paul Joseph.

KTVU has learned that the Santa Clara County District Attorney's Office is expected to decide Wednesday on the charges the three suspects will face and that they could be arraigned in the afternoon.

Neighbors are relieved and happy that baby Brandon Cuellar is safe.

But they also say what happened was a traumatic experience for them too.

Police said the baby is back with his mother safe and found following the kidnapping ordeal that started Monday afternoon.

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He was taken from his family's apartment while his grandmother was unloading groceries from her car.

"I was so happy, so excited because the kid-it's not his fault," neighbor Blanca Aguilar tells KTVU in Spanish as her granddaughter, Keytlin Velasquez, translated.

They live just steps from the apartment where the baby was taken.

They said they attend the same church as the baby and his family.

Aguilar said she was home at the time of the kidnapping.

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"The grandmother of the little baby was screaming.  I ran outside to see what was happening. The grandmother was saying, can you help me.  Help me please. I want to find my baby."

Early Tuesday morning, the California Highway Patrol shared a photo of a gray Nissan Quest as a possible suspect getaway vehicle. 

It also provided the license plate and a description of a white circular sticker in the back window.

Features that a woman who works for Canyon Springs Post Acute Facility, not far from where the baby was taken, saw on a van parked outside,  according to her co-workers.

"She went and looked inside the vehicle and saw a car seat, all kinds of red flags and called police. San Jose Police showed up, "said co-worker Chris Martinez, "In my eyes, she's a hero."

Police arrested the man seen on surveillance video taking the baby, along with a woman who was with the baby's grandmother   and a third person,

But police have declined to release their identities. 

Back at the apartment complex where the baby was taken, neighbors said they were unsettled by the police and FBI searching their apartments after midnight.

"I got kind of nervous.  I've never talked to the FBI or police. I was panicking a lot," said Keytlin who lives in an apartment near the baby's family, But she's grateful baby Brandon is safe. "I feel happy for them that they got the baby back."