Woman of the Year: Former Giants announcer Renel Brooks-Moon honored

Former San Francisco Giants announcer, Renel Brooks-Moon, was recognized on the California Assembly floor as the Woman of the Year for California Assembly District 17 on Monday, June 10, 2024. (Assemblymember Matt Haney)

Iconic Bay Area voice Renel Brooks-Moon was honored in Sacramento on Monday for her trailblazing career and her work and advocacy in the community.

The former announcer for the San Francisco Giants was recognized on the California Assembly floor as the Woman of the Year by State Assemblymember Matt Haney for District 17. 

She accepted the honor with members of her family on hand, as she paid tribute to her late parents. 

"Today is dedicated to my parents, Juanita and Nathaniel Brooks, who was San Francisco’s first black high school principal," Brooks-Moon was quoted as saying in a news release. 

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The Oakland-born announcer and Emmy-award-winning television host was nominated for her excellence in broadcast journalism and communications, and for breaking barriers, Haney’s office said.

Her career as the public-address announcer (PAA) for the Giants started in 2000, when she became one of the first Black women announcers in Major League Baseball.

File Renel Brooks-Moon in the announcer booth. The former announcer for the San Francisco Giants was honored as Woman of the Year in Sacramento, Calif. on Monday, June 10, 224. 

During her time with the Giants, Brooks-Moon also made her mark as the first female PAA for a World Series and the first female announcer of a championship game in any professional sport. 

In March, when the team announced that her contract would not be renewed and that they were parting ways, Brooks-Moon said that as a little girl attending Giants games at Candlestick Park, she couldn't have imagined the job she got to do. 

"Born in 1958, I never saw or heard anyone on tv or radio that looked like me," she said, adding, "I hope I have inspired many."

Haney, whose district covers Oracle Park, nominated Brooks-Moon for Woman of the Year the day after the news was released that she would no longer be working with the Giants. 

"Brooks-Moon is not just the iconic voice of the Giants, but an inspirational voice to the San Francisco Bay Area, women, and in particular women of color everywhere," the assemblyman's office said. 

As a lifelong Giant’s fan, Haney said he has been inspired by Brooks-Moon and her influence in the Bay Area and beyond, as she’s used her platform to support charities and help advance the community.

"She's been a leader and an inspiration in everything she's done," Haney said. 

Brooks-Moon said that she was humbled to receive the recognition, and she shared how her parents served as inspirations in her life. 

"They were the best parents and role models ever," the woman of the year said, adding, "I wish they were here to witness this, but I know they are with me today. My heart is filled with gratitude and appreciation."

Renel Brooks-Moon honored on the California Assembly floor in Sacramento, as Woman of the Year on Monday, June 10, 2024. (Assemblymember Matt Haney)