World Cancer Day: Bay Area Woman battles cancer with twins

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Saturday, February 4 is World Cancer Day and one Bay Area woman is sharing her story of battling the disease.

Lauren Carma Evans says on her YouCaring donation page that one year ago she was pregnant, with all of the "normal worries" of carrying twins. 

She has Type 1 Diabetes, and was additionally worried about the health of her babies.

Last January, she was hospitalized at UCSF for months when the babies' heart rates were decelerating while she was having contractions.

Her twins, Charlie and Clementine, were born seven weeks early and in August Lauren was diagnosed with breast cancer.

She says, "It has been a very bad year with a couple of brilliant exceptions, the babies".

The family is currently paying two rents- one for their home in Eureka and one for an in-law unit in Danville to live in since her chemotherapy started.

They will be staying in Danville until Lauren's radiation is over and she is recovered from her mastectomy- likely to last six months.

If you would like to donate to the family, click here.