Zip Trips Trivia: How well do you know Sunnyvale?

We are back in the South Bay Zip-Tripping to 94085!  Sunnyvale is a city full of history and now on the cutting edge of technology.

KTVU's Frank Mallicoat hit historic Murphy Avenue to test Sunnyvale's finest on their city knowledge.

We began by "kicking the can!" A can of fruit that is. Once known for its fruit orchards, Sunnyvale has given way to high tech, but there are still some reminders of times gone by.  The Libby water tower used to be in the middle of trees but is now in a business complex next to Raytheon.  Built in the 1920's it features four fruits. Can you name them? Here's a hint think fruit cocktail.

 As for high tech, did you know that one of the earliest video games was actually created in a bar in Sunnyvale? Can you name the bar which is now a comedy club, and what was the name of the game?

Now an easy one. How did Sunnyvale get its name? Did you know long before it was Sunnyvale it was called something else? Prior to 1912 the town had the name of its the founding father but here was already a town with nearly the same name and for good reason the two founders were brothers.  One settled in the Sierra foothills the other landed in the South Bay. The Sierra brother won the naming battle. Any idea what that town is called? Here's a hint - I have already mentioned the name earlier, and if you've ever been to the Ironstone Winery that might help too.  

Sunnyvale has produced its share of prominent people.  One in particular won the gold medal in the 1988 winter Olympic games in Calgary.  He's a very well-know figure skater. Who could that be?

And finally with a population of over 140,000 people Sunnyvale is one of the bigger Bay Area cities. It has over 100 high tech companies but one in particular helps you find a job!   It's your job to figure out which one that is.