Fists fly in stands at San Jose Sharks game as brawl breaks out among fans

A massive brawl broke out in the stands during a San Jose Sharks game over the weekend and the melee was all caught on video.

Officials said large-scale brawls are extremely rare at the SAP Center and die hard fans agreed.

The Sharks were already down by six when the fight broke out. Fans said that's when all the action on the ice stopped and everyone's attention turned to the stands.

In the stands, tempers flared and fists were flying.

Arthur Surdilla intended to record a power play on his phone, instead, he captured the fight.

"And then I look over the railing there and there's just a melee going on. And one row fighting another," said Surdilla.

There were Sharks fans and visiting Nashville Predators fans all throwing punches.

Witnesses said it began when a rowdy group sprayed beer on those nearby.

Ushers, some of them senior citizens, ran in to break it up.

"It was something to see. The bluecoats were in there trying to pull people off, but there wasn't too much that they could do without getting into the melee themselves. And police officers came down and were able to break it up," said Surdilla.

Sharks Sports and Entertainment released a statement saying safety is their top priority and "While incidents like what happened Saturday night are extremely rare, we are thankful to our ushering staff who responded promptly to quickly and safely defuse the situation."

Hockey fans said they expect brawls on the ice, but not in the stands.

"And whether people want to admit it or not it's part of what people are paying for is to see what's going to explode on the ice. But it's scary when it happens in the stands. And I'd be willing to bet my lunch that there's alcohol involved," said Jim Pierre, a hockey fan from Duluth Minnesota.

"I think you should definitely hold a certain level of responsibility when you're in there. We're adults and there's families and kids around. So you definitely have to be wary of the example you're setting all the time," said Luke Alexander, a Sharks season ticket holder.

San Jose Police ultimately escorted the brawlers out of the SAP Center.

Surdilla said he's been to plenty of hockey games, but he's never seen anything quite like this.

"Everything just kind of boiled over and people took it into their own hands," said Surdilla.

There were no reports of serious injuries and no arrests.