Giants, Dodgers fans pumped for historic playoff series

A series for the records books is underway in San Francisco between the Giants and Dodgers and there was a lot of excitement for this first-ever playoff matchup.

As far as baseball rivalries go, it's tough to find one deeper than the one between the San Francisco Giants and Los Angeles Dodgers.

On Friday fans got to watch the teams go head-to-head in their first-ever playoff matchup. The Giants said even with 107 wins this past season, playoffs is a whole new ballgame.

"It's always tough when you're up against the Dodgers, I mean come on. Biggest rivals, we're just hoping for the win," said Giants fan Karla Wiese.

While the debate will play out over the National League Division Series over who's the better team, there is one thing fans from both sides can agree on — this will be a tough best-of-five series.

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"It's all about the Dodgers for me," said fan John Casci. "I think it's going to be a great series. But, my heart is with the Dodgers."

But, the Giants have a way of winning over fans, even when they don't seem like they'd back the black and orange. Including Giants fan Christopher Gonzalez who is from Los Angeles.

While it may be tough, Giants fans said when the series is all over, it'll be the Giants headed to the National League Championship Series, and eventually the World Series, even if that means they have to go through the Dodgers to get there.

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"Yeah, they're tough, but the Giants kept up with them all season," said Gonzalez. "They won the series against them and hopefully, these are the games that really matter, hopefully, they'll get the win against the Dodgers."

While this is the first official postseason matchup between the Giants and Dodgers, twice, once in 1951 and once in 1962, both teams ended the season tied and played three-game series. Those games were entered into the record books as regular-season games, and the Giants won both of those previous matchups.