Fan favorite Hunter Pence returning to San Francisco Giants

A fan favorite while playing parts of seven seasons for the Giants, Pence is returning on a $3 million, one-year contract that will give the young club a veteran presence in both the outfield and clubhouse in a season of big change ahead.

Super Bowl LIV: Mark Ibanez returns to Miami

As we gear up for Sunday's big 49ers game, we've got this throwback KTVU segment from 1989 for you. Mark Ibanez was in Miami then too. This has it all: Christie Brinkley, Billy Joel, and Jerry Rice getting chiropractor adjustments. Plus, Mark's new friends!

Several Dodgers go public, peeved by Astros' cheating scam

Despite being eager to focus on the upcoming season, several Dodgers publicly for the first time expressed annoyance at the Astros for the sign-stealing system used during the 2017 season, when Houston beat them in seven games in the World Series.

Check This Out! Flexible fitness fanatic

A woman from Colorado Springs has shared this video clip of herself demonstrating just how flexible she is on the internet. You should definitely check this out, but maybe don't try it at home.