Lavender Seniors of the East Bay

KTVU's Greg Lee spoke with Victor Aguilar, Jr., President of Lavender Seniors of the East Bay, about the different services they provide to LGBTQ seniors in the East Bay.

LGBTQ Youth Space

LGBTQ Youth Space is a San Jose-based program that provides services such as drop-in peer support and activities and counseling services for LGBTQ+ youth ages 13-25. KTVU's Heather Holmes spoke with Adrienne Keel, the director of LGBTQ programs about the importance of community outreach and support.

Rainbow Women's Chorus

The Rainbow Women's Chorus of San Jose sing to promote peace and justice, to celebrate diversity, and to touch the heart of their audience. KTVU's Heather Holmes spoke with Rev. Marjorie Pearson, one of the chorus members, about how the chorus build up the esteem of all women.


Lyric is a non-profit that aims to build community and provide support for LGBTQ youth. KTVU's Greg Lee spoke with Adam-Michael Royston, Development and Communications Director of Lyric, and Laura Lala-Chavez, Executive Director, about how people can support the center and LGBTQ youths.

Monument Impact

Founded in 2001, Monument Impact is a community-based nonprofit dedicated to building skills, resources and power within immigrant, refugee and low-income communities in Concord. KTVU's Frank Mallicoat reports.

Taulama for Tongans

As part of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage month, KTVU spoke with the director of Taulama for Tongans. The group provides health intervention and education services for Tongans as they navigate life in the Bay. “Taulama” means “to guide” or “guidance” in Tongan.

Florence Fang Community Farm

The Florence Fang Community Farm in San Francisco's Bayview neighborhood promotes healthy eating by encouraging people to grow fruits and vegetables while fostering interactions among the residents of the diverse community.

Center for Asian American Media

The Center for Asian American Media is a nonprofit organization dedicated to presenting stories that convey the richness and diversity of Asian American experiences to the broadest audience possible. KTVU spoke with the Exhibitions Director about the work the organization is doing to engage the Asian American community and the public at large.

Japanese American Museum of San Jose

The Japanese American Museum of San Jose showcases a unique collection of permanent and rotating exhibits chronicling more than a century of Japanese American history. KTVU's Frank Mallicoat learned more about the museum exhibits for this week's Giving Day.

First Place for Youth

Every year, hundreds of young people move on from foster care. They enter adulthood, with few safety nets. An Oakland organization called First Place for Youth, helps with this transition. KTVU's Heather Holmes spoke with the CEO about the group.

Friends of the Urban Forest

Friends of the Urban Forest is a non-profit organization committed to revitalizing San Francisco’s urban forest with the simple act of planting trees. KTVU's Frank Mallicoat spoke with the organization's Executive Director, Brian Wiedenmeier, about how people can volunteer and donate to plant and care for the trees.

Khalil Center

Khalil Center is a non-profit spiritual wellness center that provides professional psychological support with Islamic principles. KTVU's Heather Holmes spoke with one of the center's psychotherapists, Heba El-Haddad, about breaking the stigma of addressing mental health issue in the Muslim community.

Best Buddies of California

Best Buddies is a non-profit organization helping people with traumatic brain injury and other disabilities overcome social, physical, and economic isolation. KTVU spoke with the program's director about how volunteers are making sure people with disabilities are recruited in school and in the workplace.

Empowered Aging

Empowered Aging provides support to and advocates for older adults in long-term care facilities in the Bay Area. KTVU's Heather Holmes speaks with the organization's Executive Director, Nicole Howell, about how the organization was able to maintain services for older adults during the pandemic.

American Red Cross

On American Red Cross’ (ARC) own annual “American Red Cross Giving Day, KTVU's Alex Savidge speaks with Barry Falke, Interim Regional CEO of ARC, about how people can donate their time, money, or blood to help those who are affected by disasters big and small.

Young Women's Freedom Center

Young Women's Freedom Center empowers young cis and trans women who come from foster care and criminal justice system and provides them economic and educational opportunities. KTVU's Heather Holmes speaks with the center's Executive Director, Jessica Nowlan, about how the center changed her and many others' lives.

Oasis for Girls

Oasis for Girls provides three different after-school programs that teaches life skills, cultivates creativity, and builds job readiness for under-resourced high school girls of color in San Francisco. KTVU's Frank Mallicoat speaks with the organization's Executive Director, Anu Menon, about what the program means to the girls.

Family Harvest Farm

Family Harvest Farm is a program that promotes sustainable agriculture, provides nutritious food, and encourages a sense of community for young people who have been part of the foster care system. KTVU's Heather Holmes spoke with the farm manager Mary Cherry about how the garden helps foster youth.

Beats, Rhymes & Life

Hip hop music and culture have always brought in the younger generation. One group in Oakland called Beats, Rhymes & Life, taps into that appeal to start a discussion about mental health.