Supply Bank partners with local organizations to distribute essential goods to under-resourced communities, by providing diapers, personal protective equipment, school supplies and more.


CocoKids is a nonprofit dedicating its resources to supporting children, families and early educators with a wide range of free and low-cost programs. John Jones, the organization's executive director, joined us on 'The Nine' for more insight into how It helps parents get their children ready for success in school and life.

LGBT Asylum Project

It's a unique, nonprofit, committed to providing crucial legal representation for those who are escaping persecution due to their sexual orientation, gender identity or HIV status. On this Giving Day and during this Pride Month, we highlighted the LGBT Asylum Project, based in San Francisco.

C.O.P.E. Family Support Center

The C.O.P.E Family Support Center helps families across the Bay Area, strengthen their bonds through counseling options and parent education programs. It helps children grow up in a loving, nurturing and healthy environment by giving them a support that encourages healthy relationships.

Sebastopol Area Senior Center

The Sebastopol Area Senior Center is a nonprofit organization that expanded its services and programs for LGBT+ seniors - particularly those who are prone to isolation and loneliness.

El Tímpano

El Tímpano is an organization dedicated to informing, engaging and amplifying the voices of the Bay Area's Latino and Mayan immigrants. For this week's Giving Day, we highlighted the nonprofit, which provides news and information relevant to the community's needs, and investigates the concerns that are brought to its attention.

Hawaii Community Foundation: Maui Strong Fund

It's been nine months since wildfires ravaged the Hawaiian Island of Maui. The wildland fire killed more than 100 people, and left thousands of others displaced. As the community continues its efforts to rebuild, one nonprofit is on the front lines, trying to help meet the immediate and long-term needs of the people of Maui. Micah Kane, the president and CEO of the Hawaii Community Foundation, joined us on 'The Nine' to discuss where the recovery efforts stand right now.

Monument Crisis Center

From providing food and education, to offering critical assistance and referrals. On this Giving Day, KTVU is highlighting the good work from the Monument Crisis Center, which is making a big difference in Contra Costa County by helping families and individuals in crisis.

AAPI Women Lead

AAPI Women Lead is a nonprofit based in the Bay Area, that examines critical issues of race, society and success. It's dedicated to amplifying the voices of those in the Asian and Pacific Islander communities nationwide. Connie Wun, the organization's co-founder, joined us on 'The Nine' for more insight.

Vietnamese American Roundtable

A Bay Area organization is working to bridge language, culture and generation gaps, that often leaves members of one community behind. On this Giving Day and during this AAPI month, we highlight the good work from the Vietnamese American Roundtable, to learn how its members build community, civic engagement and cultural understanding.

Earth Island Institute

It's a powerhouse in the world of environmental activism, with more than 75 projects spanning a network of conservation, wildlife protection, climate solutions and so much more. For this week's Giving Day that coincides with the end of Earth Month, we're highlighting the good work of Earth Island Institute.


From educational workshops, to impactful partnerships, a Palo Alto-based nonprofit is uniting communities and empowering individuals to create a healthier planet. For this week's Giving Day, KTVU highlighted the good work from Acterra, which focuses its efforts on climate change.

Bay Area Autism Collective

A local non-profit is helping to build a more inclusive and supportive world for people on the Autism spectrum. The Bay Area Autism Collective provides robust social support and access to Autism-informed resources. Bird Sellegran, the organization's executive director, joined us on 'The Nine' to share the good work the BAAC doing, and why it's personal for her.

Parents Helping Parents

Parents Helping Parents is a non-profit that's making an impact on the lives of families and individuals with special needs. We talked with the organization, which uses compassion and experience to help families understand and navigate complex systems of care for their loved ones.

350 Bay Area

It's a grassroots climate movement taking root in the Bay Area and beyond. From mobilizing activists to advocating for systemic change, on this Giving Day, KTVU is highlighting the work from 350 Bay Area, which is on a mission to create a greener future.

Bay Area Crisis Nursery

The Bay Area Crisis Nursery has been a beacon of hope and support for families facing crisis along the region. Established more than four decades ago, it's committed to safety and well-being of children by offering essential services to families in need. Tara Legaspi, who is the Bay Area Crisis Nursery's executive director, joined us to tell us more about the nursery.

East Oakland Youth Development center

On this giving day, we're shining a spotlight on the East Oakland Youth Development Center, which nurtures the holistic development of youth from kindergarten into adulthood, guiding them towards lives filled with prosperity, integrity and purpose. The organization's CEO Selena Wilson and the chief program officer Landon Hill joined us to talk about what the center has to offer.

Fund a Need celebrating 10 years

On the first Giving Day of 2024, KTVU highlighted the work of the Bay Area organization, Fund a Need. Its mission is to help low-income and homeless seniors and veterans and celebrates its 10th anniversary in February. Director Sema Tosun appeared on KTVU: the Nine to discuss the achievements of her non-profit.

Running with Love

Making a difference in the lives of young minds. On thig Giving Day we highlighted a local nonprofit that's breaking down barriers and paving the way for young students. Founder of Running with Love Alyse Polman joined us on The Nine to talk about what it's like starting this organization.

Help a pet in need with a donation to the SFSPCA Pet Toy Drive

On this Giving Day, the San Francisco SPCA is partnering with KTVU to collect pet toys to brighten the lives of shelter animals as they wait for their forever home this holiday season. To tell us more about the upcoming SFSPCA Pet Toy Drive and how you can help is Krista Herman, Adoptions Coordinator at the SF SPCA. You can also help shelter animals in need by going to, and clicking on the link to make a donation right away! Donate by 12/31, and your tax-deductible gift will be automatically doubled! Thank you for caring about animals!