Latina Vida inspires the next generation of diverse leaders

Local non-profit Latina Vida is making major moves to empower Latina and first-generation diverse professionals with the tools and support they need to conquer systemic workplace challenges. KTVU's Sal Castaneda speaks with Tammy Ramos, Executive Director of Latina Vida about their mission.

Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley

For Hispanic Heritage Month, KTVU is highlighting the work of the Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley, which helps Latinos find and be prepared for opportunities in Silicon Valley and the tech industry.


Oakland-based non-profit Bridgegood is making a difference in the community through empowerment and tech opportunity. KTVU's Gasia Mikaelian speaks with Shaun Tai, Bridgegood Co-Founder and Executive Director about the work his organization is doing to provide access, professional opportunities and tech literacy to under-resourced design students.

SF AIDS Foundation: Turning HIV/AIDS into a managable condition

Founded in 1982, the San Francisco AIDS Foundation's mission has grown throughout the past 40-plus years as the country's understanding of HIV/AIDS has also evolved. In today's Giving Day feature, KTVU's Gasia Mikaelian speaks with Dr. Tyler TerMeer, CEO of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation about the medical advances that have turned HIV/AIDS from a death sentence into what can be a managable condition.

CURYJ: Transforming communities by empowering youth leaders

For more than a decade, the non-profit CURYJ has been a force in building community and empowering young leaders in the fight to end youth criminalization and mass incarceration. CURYJ is based in Oakland's Fruitvale district and continues to make an impact on the lives of those most affected by systemic injustice, immigration challenges and the foster care system. KTVU's Andre Senior speaks with Ricardo Garcia-Acosta, Director of Community Peace and Organizer Associate Amanda Majail-Blanco about their mission.

First 5 Contra Costa

First 5 Contra Costa is an organization dedicated to helping children and their parents during their most crucial years of development. We talked with the non-profit's executive director about how the agency helps children in the east bay thrive from months before they are born, to when they enter kindergarten.

Sol Sisters

KTVU speaks with Sol Sisters' Christine Colman about the organization's fundraiser, which aims to support women of color through educational and inclusive opportunities.

Set To Thrive

Lisa Henderson, President and CEO of nonprofit Set To Thrive that supports CA foster youth, speaks with KTVU's Allie Rasmus about how the organization is recovering from a recent burglary.

Urban Ed Academy

Urban Ed Academy is a non-profit in San Francisco that promotes diversity in the classroom.

Los Cenzontles Cultural Arts Academy

Los Cenzontles Cultural Arts Academy started as a youth music group back in 1989 has now grown into a prominent music educational program rich in Mexican culture and traditions. Lucina Rodriguez and Fabiola Trujillo, both teachers at Los Cenzontles talk about the many aspects of the organization and its strong connection to the community it serves. Please send donations to:

Blue Devil Performing Arts

Music and performing arts create opportunities for youth development. One such innovator is The Blue Devils Performing Arts. Blue Devils Spokesperson, Pat Seidling, stopped by to talk more about how this organization helps kids of today become confident, successful adults of tomorrow.

South Pacific Islander Organization

One Bay Area non-profit is creating an inclusive and cohesive environment where Pacific Islanders feel represented. South Pacific Islander Organization's Roy Tongilava stopped by to share how his organization is helping Pacific Islanders get access to everything from a higher education to economic opportunities.

Aim High

Aim High works to close the opportunity gap for kids in Northern California. KTVU spoke with CEO Julia Chih about the nonprofit organization's goal to give every middle school student access to learning.

Cut Fruit Collective

Cut Fruit Collective started as an organization to help Chinatown businesses and residents endure the pandemic but has evolved to now promote strong AAPI communities through art.

Beyond Terra

Beyond Terra is a nonprofit founded by two Bay Area highschoolers, Rishi Gurjar and Kiran Pothana. Their mission is to restore and preserve biodiversity by advancing the future of conservation.


Replate is a non-profit organization that reduces food waste and food insecurity. KTVU's Dave Clark spoke with Maen Mahfoud, the founder, about the challenges and goals of reducing waste.

Brown Girl Surf

Brown Girl Surf cultivates community by amplifying the voices of surfers of color and taking care of the earth. Executive Director Adriana Guerrero-Nardone joined us at KTVU to tell us about this surfing group.

Skate Like a Girl

Empowering girls to build confidence, take on leadership roles and practice social justice is what "Skate Like a Girl" is all about. We sat down with the Director of the Bay Area chapter, Ashley Masters.

NorCal MLK Foundation

The NorCal MLK Foundation strives to uphold the legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and unlock the potential of every individual through programs and events that advance civil and human rights.