Adrian Gonzalez sentenced as juvenile for Maddy Middleton murder

Confessed killer Adrian Gonzalez was sentenced as a juvenile for the murder of Maddy Middleton in Santa Cruz in 2015. Gonzalez had previously been charged as an adult, which could have carried a life sentence, but a recent Supreme Court case forced Gonzalez back into the juvenile court system.

Closing arguments in Derek Chauvin trial: jurors begin deliberations

Derek Chauvin's defense and the Hennepin County prosecution made their closing arguments to jurors who've been asked to determine if the former Minneapolis police officer is guilty of second-degree murder and other charges connected to the death of George Floyd. Legal analyst Michael Cardoza explains what transpired in court before the jury began deliberations.

Evaluating the prosecution in the Derek Chauvin case

Prosecutors have rested their case in the trial of Derek Chauvin, the ex-Minneapolis police officer who's charged with the murder of George Floyd. KTVU's legal affairs expert Michael Cardoza credits the prosecution with an effective case, presenting evidence that Chauvin did not follow police procedures when he applied his knee to Floyd's neck. Now, the defense takes up its case, aiming to prove that Chauvin's actions did not cause Floyd to die.