Iowa Democratic Party chairman resigns after caucus chaos

The chairman of the Iowa Democratic Party announced his resignation Wednesday after a disastrous caucus process beset by technical glitches led to a dayslong delay in reporting the results, inconsistencies in the numbers and no clear winner.

At least half Iowa results expected by day’s end, Dems say

Clouded by doubts on a chaotic day-after, Democratic Party officials planned to release a majority of Iowa’s delayed presidential caucus results by late Tuesday, according to details shared with campaigns on a private conference call.

Iowans begin caucus voting, may clarify Democratic field

Voting began across Iowa Monday night as Democrats balanced their desire for fundamental change with their craving to defeat President Donald Trump as they opened the first contest of the 2020 presidential primary season.

Campaign crunch time forces progressives to eye private jets

Sanders is expected to charter a flight to Iowa this weekend while the Senate trial is in recess. Warren hasn't finalized her plans but is also considering private travel, and Amy Klobuchar hasn't ruled it out. Only Michael Bennet says he'll be flying commercial.