Warm, mostly sunny

Rosemary Orozco says today will be warm and mostly sunny. Cooler temps will surface later this week.

Drizzle, lightning will subside

Rosemary Orozco says that the morning drizzle and lightning will clear out later this morning, making for a partly cloudy but drier afternoon.

Fire weather watch in effect

There is still a fire weather watch in the San Francisco Bay Area through Friday with possible thunderstorms and lightning, Steve Paulson says.

Heat lingers long after Labor Day

The Bay Area is in for some warm and hot weather this week as the high temperatures that hit the region on Labor Day stick around for days tocome.

Spare the Air alert in effect for warm to hot Labor Day

It's going to be a warm to hot day in much of the Bay Area on Labor Day, and that weather will stick around for much of the week. Residents are also advised that there is a Spare the Air alert in effect due to the combination of heat and smoky air.