Weather alert: Windy weather coming to the Bay Area this week

The National Weather Service forecasted windy weather coming to the Bay Area later this week that could topple trees and cause power outages.

High winds in the East Bay on October 26, 2020 caused a tree to split in a residential neighborhood of Oakland. The National Weather Service is warning of strong winds this week in the East Bay and Santa Cruz mountains.

Thanks to the recent rain in the region, the weather service said fire concerns related to the winds remained low. But the strong gusts could knock down trees and affect power lines. 

The National Weather Service warmed of strong winds this week that could could topple trees and cause power outages.

The high winds were expected to arrive late Tuesday and mostly affect the higher elevations of the East Bay and Santa Cruz mountains. The strongest gusts were forecasted for Wednesday and into Wednesday evening.

The windy weather this week was expected to affect the higher elevations, including the East Bay Hills.


Winds were expected to subside by Thursday morning, as the system moved east, although additional windy weather may hit the region next weekend, according to the weather service.

At this time, no wind advisory has been issued, but the weather service said it would monitor the situation and determine whether to put out an alert on Tuesday. 

Temporary outdoor structures like medical tents could be blown over, and the weather service advised they be adequately secured, especially if they're downwind of nearby mountains.

The Bay Area was also experiencing a warming trend expected to last through the first half of the week, with a high pressure system bringing temperature highs in the 60s to low 70s.  

KTVU contributed to this report.