2 more arrests in 'violent vandalism' of San Jose police cruiser

Two people have been arrested for vandalizing a police car following a chaotic sideshow in San Jose over the weekend.

Police arrested 22-year-old Tyler Durbin and 26-year-old Gabe Durbin for their alleged participation in attacking a San Jose Police Department cruiser Saturday evening in the intersection of Winchester Boulevard and Olin Avenue.

Police did not clarify if the two men are related.

Both are being charged with inciting a riot, assault on a peace officer, and felony vandalism. They were arrested in San Juan Bautista and booked into Santa Clara County Jail. 

Their arrests come days after 24-year-old Aidan Rheault was arrested for allegedly hitting a spectator with his car during the sideshow. 

The reserve officer was on scene after being flagged down by citizens after a spectator was hit. However, the officer never made it to the scene as his car was overrun by masked members of the sideshow crowd.

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Suspect arrested during "unruly" sideshow of police cruiser in San Jose

"Blocking an emergency response vehicle trying to respond to an injured individual is unconscionable. There’s no excuse for that," said Mayor Matt Mahan at the time.

The police car's hood and windshield were stomped and smashed upon during the violent ordeal, police said. 

The officer inside the car suffered minor injuries, but his car was severely damaged, police said.

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The crowd dispersed before more officers arrived at the scene. No arrests were made that Saturday. 

San Jose police on their Facebook account ended their statement with "more to come," though it's unclear if that refers to more arrests.