2 more women sue 3 Dublin prison officers for alleged illegal sexual behavior

Two more women have sued three federal Dublin prison officers for a range of sexual improprieties, alleging the guards threw clothes on the floor to watch them bend down, touched their breasts and opened the shower to watch them naked, among other illegal behavior.

This brings the total number of lawsuits against various correctional officers at FCI Dublin to nearly a dozen. To date, eight guards have been charged criminally with sex crimes; seven of whom have been found guilty.

The women in the pair of lawsuits, both filed by attorney Jessica Pride in U.S. District Court in Northern California, are identified as Y.S. of Dublin and L.A. of San Diego.

Both are suing Jeffrey Wilson, who worked in the medical unit and whose name has not publicly surfaced before; Sergio Saucedo of Stockton, who is another civil lawsuits; and Nicholas Ramos, who died by suicide in August 2022 after he was put on leave amidst a sexual abuse investigation at the prison. 

Efforts to reach Wilson and Saucedo were not immediately successful on Tuesday, and they did not have attorneys on record filed with the court. 

Neither of these three officers have been criminally charged. 

According to the suits, the allegations of abuse began during the pandemic in 2020, when the women were quarantined, and continued through 2022. 

In Y.S.'s case, she alleged that Wilson came up to her once, touched her breasts and when she told him he was rude, he told her to shut up. 

Wilson also told her that she "looked good" when she exercised and offered that if she "needed a man," he was there for her, the suit alleges. When Y.S. said she would report him, Wilson told her: "Don't you dare because nobody will believe you."

L.A. first went to see Wilson in May 2022 when she had an allergic reaction to a medicine. When Wilson began inspecting her rash, he lifted her shirt and bra, exposing her breasts, the suit alleges, even though her irritated skin was nowhere near her chest. 

As for Saucedo, Y.S. alleged he "relentlessly harassed [her] while she was trapped in her cell," and that he would open the shower curtain to watch her naked. He would also treat her rudely, the suit alleges, yelling things like: "You stupid bitch, you're a fucking Mexican." Y.S. said she cried constantly and fell into a depression. 

L.A. had similar allegations against Saucedo. 

She said he tried to be romantic with her, asking if she had a boyfriend. He told her that her clothes were tight. If she were folding clothes, Saucedo would "purposefully throw clothes on the floor, forcing Plaintiff to bend over in front of him," the suit states. She never reported his behavior because she thought no one would believe her. 

As for Ramos, Y.S. alleged he would shine his flashlight at her to watch her undress, and once squeezed her buttocks inside her underwear and then digitally penetrate her.  

Both Y.S. and L.A. said they told the prison psychologist and a doctor about the abuse, but neither did anything to help them. 

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