3 arrested in Oakland armed carjacking caught on video: police

Oakland police announced on Thursday the arrest of two men and one juvenile in connection with several armed carjackings, including an attempted carjacking that was caught on dashcam video.

The arrests came after police said they chased the suspects in their car through Oakland from E. 12th Street and 26th Avenue to San Leandro where the three alleged carjackers ditched their vehicle and tried to escape on foot, but were apprehended. 

The suspects have not been identified by police.


Video: Woman narrowly escapes armed carjacking in Oakland Hills

Frightening dashcam video obtained by KTVU shows a woman narrowly escaping an armed carjacking in Oakland.

Police said they have linked the suspects to an unspecified number of carjackings as well as their attempt to steal a woman's car on Skyline Boulevard in the Oakland hills last week. The victim's dashcam recorded the frightening altercation as she eluded them.

In the dashcam video, a white Dodge Charger can be seen stopping in the middle of the road to block the woman's vehicle. The driver then quickly exited the Dodge Charger, brandishing a gun as he ran toward the woman's car. Simultaneously, a second man emerged from the Charger's right side and ran toward the victim's vehicle.

"The guy jumped out, ran towards me with a gun," the woman recounted to KTVU, describing the harrowing encounter. Determined to escape, she took quick action, stating, "I punched it, I ran around their car, and I drove away as fast as I could to try to get someplace safe."

She managed to turn right on Keller Avenue and was able to escape.

Police believe the three were involved with crimes in the Tompkins Avenue, Crestmont, Sequoyah Heights, and Piedmont Avenue Southeast neighborhoods. Additionally, the suspects are believed to be connected to another incident that took place on Sunday at 9 p.m. in the 12100 block of Skyline Boulevard.