49ers Fred Warner's wife says she didn't feel safe around Eagles' fans

The wife of San Francisco 49ers linebacker Fred Warner said she didn't feel safe around Philadelphia Eagles' fans during the NFC championship game Sunday.

Eagles fans are known to be hardcore, but Sydney Warner said that day at Lincoln Financial Field was out of control, and she will probably never go back to that stadium. 

In a TikTok she described the chaotic day when the Niners lost to the Eagles 7-31. 

"I couldn't handle the fans," said Warner. "Like, I'm 100% down for like being rowdy for your team…but honestly I just didn't feel very safe."

She said she followed her husband's advice and didn't wear red, but had to hide her red bag under her jacket. When a drunk Eagles' fan saw the bag he got in her face, she said.

She said they were shoving her and saying "f--- you" as she tried to stay stone face and just ignore them.

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She wanted to leave early before all the riots and further heckling when another group of fans allegedly told her to go home and they hoped her plane crashed.

"I'm all about passion, but never again," she said, adding that they are looking forward to off-season.

Warner thanked everyone for their support and said 49ers fans are the "best ever."