Woman, 74, attacked and robbed in broad daylight in Oakland's Rockridge neighborhood

A 74-year-old robbery victim said she is scared and angry about an attack in broad daylight over the weekend in Oakland's Rockridge neighborhood.

Mary asked KTVU not to reveal her identity, but said she's speaking out to warn others and raise awareness.

She suspected she was targeted because she's an older woman who was walking alone. 

"Love Rockridge. I love the area. It's a mecca for small business," said Mary.

But she was attacked and robbed just steps from her home Saturday around 1:30 p.m. 

She said she was walking home after doing some shopping when someone came up behind her.

"Threw me into the bushes essentially," said Mary, "I started screaming.  I started fighting. I tried to scratch him. I tried to punch him."

But then a second man came up.

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"At that point, they sliced through my purse. I felt the tension release from that purse," said Mary.

One neighbor shared with KTVU a cellphone video she shot of the suspect vehicle: a silver Honda Accord. It captured a glimpse of one of the thieves getting into the car.  The California license plate reads 7HIW530.

Mary said both men wore red hoodies and black masks. She described them as being 19 to 25 years old. 

"I hear help and screaming and I just run down the stairs and I see my neighbor filled with leaves," said neighbor Keira, who did not want her last name published. 

She said thefts and break-ins have become all too common. "It doesn't surprise me because we've had people break-in into my place a few times."

Mary posted about the incident on social media. And neighbors found her purse and cell phone about a mile away. Still missing are her house keys, car fob, ID and credit cards.

She was grateful she was not injured and thankful for her neighbors help.  

"I am going to walk around here. This is my neighborhood.  This is where I live," said Mary, "You can't get run out of town by thugs."

Mary said the getaway driver was a woman and that there was another man in the car in addition to the two thieves. 

She said Oakland police did respond quickly. KTVU contacted police for more information. 

The department's public information office said due to the holiday weekend, it will reach out to investigators for further information Tuesday.

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