8-week-old lion cub, 'Cain,' joins Six Flags in Vallejo

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Six Flags Discovery Kingdom announced Tuesday that an 8-week-old lion cub named "Cain" will be coming to live at the park’s Lion’s Lair habitat in Vallejo.

“We are thrilled to have Cain join us as the newest member to the Six Flags Discovery Kingdom family,” Animal Care Director Dianne Cameron said in a statement. “Expert caregivers will be providing him with around the clock care for the next few months.”

Cameron said Cain’s mother did not properly care for him when he was born on May 6 in Jackson, New Jersey, so the Six Flags veterinary team decided to intervene. 

“He will eventually be introduced to our lionesses and become king of the pride. He will serve as a majestic and powerful ambassador for his species,” Cameron said. 

Park visitors will be able to see Cain at the animal nursery now until the cub eventually gets assimilated and joins the two other existing lionesses in the habitat.