Airbnb offers free housing to Kincade Fire evacuees, relief workers

Airbnb is offering Kincade Fire evacuees a safe place to stay— free of charge, through its Open Homes program. 

More than 400 hosts have opened their doors to those impacted by the wildfire. Displaced residents, as well as relief workers, are all welcome. 

Guests can stay for free up until Nov. 7, 2019. 

Airbnb launched the program in 2012 to provide people with a safe place to stay while they try and pick up the pieces after natural disasters, wars, conflict, and other events. 

How it works 

When a disaster strikes, the company activates its response tool to find additional housing in or nearby the affected area. 

Once the tool is activated, the company automatically contacts hosts listed on the site to see if they have extra space for displaced neighbors. 

Hosts who respond choose to list their spaces free of charge and Airbnb waives all booking fees. 

"Airbnb Hosts within the affected area have the ability to opt into listing their homes for $0 by visiting pages dedicated to an event covered by our Open Homes program. Hosts are in control of how often they wish to open their homes and how long guests stay," according to the company's website. 

Normally accommodations during unexpected events are free, but that could change over time. If a host wants to offer a discount instead, they need to update their listing and description to show that. 

Only residents and relief worker can book reservations through Airbnb's Open Homes program can only be made by evacuees. 

Do you need a place to stay during the Kincade Fire or want to open your home?  Click here. 

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