Alameda granted control over 32-acre shipping terminal redevelopment

After years of vacancy, a nearly 100-year-old shipping terminal in Alameda may see new life as a housing and waterfront parks development. 

Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law that gives the city of Alameda control over the destiny of the site, allowing it to partner with a developer for the proposed project.

The site in question spans 32 acres on the northern part of Alameda, situated along the Oakland Estuary. 

Decades ago, the Encinal Terminal was a thriving shipping port; however, since 2010, it has remained dormant, featuring dilapidated warehouses and lacking public access.

Under the new law, Alameda and a private developer have the opportunity to build a substantial development on the site. The city's Facebook post highlighted its readiness to commence construction on the proposed project.

The ambitious development plans include 589 housing units, out of which 80 will be designated as affordable units. Additionally, commercial real estate space and a 160-berth marina are envisioned for the site. As part of the agreement with the developer, the city would take ownership and management of four acres of city parks within the development.

This is not the first attempt by Alameda to develop the acres of industrial land encompassing its former naval base. Previous development projects in the area have faced financial setbacks, with some going bankrupt before breaking ground.

Local residents have voiced concerns about potential issues with crowding and traffic on the island if an excessive number of new homes are built.

However, under the terms of the newly signed agreement with the governor's approval, both the developer and the city would relinquish their ownership and oversight of the land around the terminal if the project fails to materialize.