Another victim in Kevin Nishita's fatal Oakland shooting emerges, describes gunman

For the first time, a witness in the deadly shooting of security guard Kevin Nishita provided a detailed account of what happened.

He spoke exclusively to KTVU's Amber Lee  about coming face-to-face with the gunman.

The East Bay man said he was wounded by gunfire himself and is lucky to survive with minor physical injuries.

"To be there right next to him when he was shot was traumatic and violent," the witness said he and his father witnessed the deadly shooting of Nishita the day before Thanksgiving.

He said they went down to Prime 356 after seeing news coverage of the store being burglarized to give the owner a check to show support.  The witness said he and his father felt bad for the owner being that they run a family business themselves.

"I saw that there was a TV crew there, a reporter and who I thought was a camera man, ended up being Kevin Nishita. He was just helping set up the camera," the witness said the reporter and Nishita were waiting to interview the store owner who wasn't there yet.

The reporter asked the man and his father for an interview when she learned that they were planning to help the owner.

"This thing happened so quickly. Out of nowhere it seemed. This big guy with a semi-automatic gun was running up to us and stopping in a shooting position and had his firearm pointed in my face from about 10 or 15 feet away and screamed get down," said the witness.

"Less than a second later, he shouted get down, he started firing."

The man said he heard four or five shots and started running, "I heard the bullets whizzing by and felt what I thought was like a shower of sparks down my side, like a hot poker."

He said he has four small wounds on his right side, hit by shrapnel or grazed by bullets.

He shared with KTVU a photo of a bullet he later found at the scene.  He said he turned the bullet over to police.

 The witness said when the shooting stopped, he returned to look for his father. "I started screaming my dad's name and he popped up. He had dove down right next to a car in between the gutter."  

And the witness said he also saw the retired police officer. "Kevin Nishita was on the ground with a bullet hole right below his chest."

He said people tried to save Nishita, including doing chest compressions, "He was losing consciousness. He was conscious right away and then he started deteriorating very fast."

Police showed up soon after and rushed Nishita to the hospital before an ambulance arrived.

"After what specifically happend to Kevin Nishita, myself and my dad, I just don't feel safe anymore," said the witness.

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Police have not released any suspect information.

But the witness described the gunman as 6'3" to 6'6", weighing over 200 pounds. He has a muscular build with a deep booming voice. His face was covered with a ski mask with only the eyes showing.

The witness said he did not see anyone else with the shooter.

He said the people responsible for this crime should spend the rest of their lives in jail.