Arrests in Bay Area anti-Asian crimes lauded

Bay Area law enforcement have made arrests in several recent high-profile crimes against members of the Asian American community, and local leaders say they are appreciative.

Steven Jenkins, 39, appeared in San Francisco Superior Court on Friday, charged with attacking an 83-year-old Asian man and a 75-year-old Asian woman near 7th and Market streets in San Francisco. A judge ordered Jenkins held without bail.

Across the Bay, Oakland police have also made arrests in recent crimes targeting Asians.

Carl Chan, president of the Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce says law enforcment should be commended.

"We need to give a lot of credit for the police work, what police have done, apprehending many of these suspects," Chan said.

KTVU has learned that Shimon Debotton, 29, was arrested for allegedly attacking a gas station owner of Asian descent near 40th and Broadway. Debotton is accused of spewing racist insults at the victim and spraying him with a chemical.

In another case, John Lawrence III, 39, was arrested for allegedly punching a 76-year-old Asian man in the face not far from Oakland police headquarters.

In the most serious attack, Oakland police also arrested Teaunte Bailey and Elbert Britton in a robbery in the Adams Point neighborhood that led to the death of 75-year-old Pak Chung Ho, who is originally from Hong Kong. Both have been charged with special-circumstances murder.

Some of the suspects arrested for these crimes and others in Oakland have long rap sheets.

"But they keep repeating this crime over and over and over again," Chan said. "So the legal system has to be able to find ways to truly prosecute these criminals."