Bay Area COVID-19 developments and case numbers

Chart courtesy Bay City News.

The latest developments around the region related to the novel 
coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, as of Monday afternoon include: 

Gov. Gavin Newsom said Monday that the state has added Marin and Monterey counties to its COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic watchlist to monitor the spread of the virus. Marin and Monterey counties joined Contra Costa and Solano counties as the Bay Area representatives on the list while Santa Clara County was removed over the weekend. About a dozen more counties across the 
state like los Angeles and San Diego where cases are ballooning are also being monitored, according to Newsom.

As of Monday at 2 p.m., officials have confirmed the following 
number of cases around the greater Bay Area region: 

Alameda County: 6,855 cases, 140 deaths (6,855 cases, 140 deaths on Sunday)

Contra Costa County: 3,878 cases, 85 deaths (3,662 cases, 81 
deaths on Sunday)

Marin County: 2,867 cases, 25 deaths (2,704 cases, 19 deaths on 

Monterey County: 2,151 cases, 15 deaths (2,064 cases, 15 deaths on Sunday)

Napa County: 436 cases, 4 deaths (376 cases, 4 deaths on Sunday)

San Francisco County: 3,992 cases, 50 deaths (3,776 cases, 50 
deaths on Sunday)

San Mateo County: 3,559 cases, 108 deaths (3,536 cases, 108 deaths on Sunday)

Santa Clara County: 5,408 cases, 164 deaths (5,273 cases, 161 
deaths on Sunday)

Santa Cruz County: 459 cases, 3 deaths (457 cases, 3 deaths on 

Solano County: 1,476 cases, 25 deaths (1,476 cases, 25 deaths on Sunday)

Sonoma County: 1,359 cases, 11 deaths (1,359 cases, 11 deaths on Sunday)

Statewide: 271,684 cases, 6,337 deaths (260,155 cases, 6,331 
deaths on Sunday)