Bay Area dispensary donates proceeds to Ukranian people

As the assault on Ukraine continues, a Bay Area-based Ukrainian-American owned dispensary is raising money for humanitarian aid.

MediThrive, in San Francisco's Mission District, is donating all of its proceeds from Sunday, to the purchase of medical supplies for those on the frontline.   

"It's incredibly painful to watch my parents, who are glued to the television," said Misha Breyburg, who emigrated from Ukraine to the United States with his family in 1978. "My mom needs to take medicine to go to sleep at night." 

Breyberg says he simply couldn't stand by any longer, watching the destruction of the country he was born in, without doing something.

"When this happened, my gut reaction was pick up arms. What can I do," said Breyburg. 

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But at age 50, and with no military experience, Breyburg quickly decided that his idea was impractical, so he turned to the cash register at his dispensary. 

All of the proceeds from Sunday at MediThrive are being donated to non-profit Sunflower of Peace, which provides medical supplies to Ukrainian paramedics and doctors on the frontline. He says his business partners are fully onboard.

"Immediately they said yes," said Breyburg.

Several of the brands that MediThrive sells are also donating their product on the shelves for the day, which altogether is expected to raise thousands of dollars for the Ukrainian people. 

"It was an incredibly powerful moment for me to see just how many people were willing to help Ukraine and the Ukrainian people," said Breyburg.  

Breyburg says dispensary, MediThrive, will continue to raise money next week, through Sunday, March 13, donating 10 percent of their proceeds to the purchase of medical supplies for Ukranians caught in the conflict.