Berkeley man charged for allegedly attempting to set several people on fire

Berkeley police say a man arrested for allegedly attempting to set several people on fire Monday is now facing charges. 

Police said Brandon McGlone, 46, of Berkeley was apprehended after a string of bizarre incidents at restaurants on the 2500 block of Durant Avenue. 

The first was outside Artichoke Basille’s Pizza, where police said they responded at 9:35 p.m. Before their arrival, the suspect allegedly approached two men and said he was going to light them on fire after he knocked their food from their table. 

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According to the police report, the two men walked from the suspect, when he then sprayed them with WD-40. The men escaped before they could be ignited. Police said the suspect then turned his attention on four other people outside Feng Cha Teahouse on the same block. They were sprayed and he managed to ignite the hair to two people. 

Bystanders were able to extinguish the flames and tried to catch the suspect. The suspect then brandished a hatchet before police arrived at the scene. 

Police said they convinced McGlone to drop the hatchet, but when they searched him, said he was in possession of knives, matches, lighters and "several Molotov cocktails". 

The Alameda County District Attorney on Wednesday charged McGlone with arson, criminal threats, assault with a deadly weapon, throwing a flammable substance on another and possession of destructive devices and other charges.