Brentwood officer stabbed outside community center, teen in custody

A teenager was taken into custody Wednesday after an officer with the Brentwood Police Department was stabbed in the neck. 

The officer is expected to survive. 

A video of the incident had circulated online from The Press Hometown News, a local news outlet, before the video post was deleted. The incident happened at Oak and Third streets outside a community center at Brentwood City Park. The video, taken by a witness was later shared with KTVU. 

Police said the stabbing happened at around 5:35 p.m. Investigators say officers tried to de-escalate the situation. Soon after, a witness said he saw a young man running from the police officer and then saw the young man attack the officer. 

Witnesses described a chaotic scene. The teenager with the knife appeared to be in distress. 

An unnamed witness at the scene said "the officer that got stabbed was chasing after a kid with a knife." The witness said a female officer then drew her gun on that person. The witness said the officer ordered the person to get on the ground. He then dropped the weapon according to the witness. "The female officer kicked it away," the witness said. 

The witness also said another person then tackled the person with the knife, but wasn't sure if they were a civilian or an officer. Police confirmed that person was indeed a bystander. 

Police said the suspect in custody is 16-years old and that there is no threat to the public nor anyone outstanding from this incident.  

The initial 911 caller said the suspect was interacting with some other people before the stabbing and may have been taunting them. Further details surrounding what may have led up to the stabbing are unclear. 

Brentwood officer reportedly stabbed by someone with a knife. Oct. 11, 2023. 

The witness said they had not seen the suspect before and did not recognize him. The witness described Brentwood as normally peaceful and that the stabbing would make him more aware of his surroundings. 

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The officer was taken to John Muir Medical Center. 

Lt. Mark Louwerens with the Brentwood Police Department spoke with KTVU late Wednesday evening. 

"It's hard because it's someone that you've known probably for about 20 years I guess. I've seen him grow up through the organization. So it is difficult but he's a good officer. He's been an officer for quite some time. I think he's gonna be fine," he said. 

Police said the injured officer, who was not identified, was alert and talking before going into surgery. 

"The person that stabbed the officers is pretty fortunate that the other officers did not use lethal force because the first thing that came to my mind was that that person was going to be shot," said Brentwood resident Jeffrey Beckham.

As far as the bystander who intervened is concerned, police said this: "We don’t typically encourage people to intervene but in this case, I’m glad he did and took action," said Captain Dave Schroer.

"At the end of the day we just want a peaceful resolution," said Captain Schroer.

Detectives interviewed the 16-year-old suspect. No word on any charges. 

KTVU's Crystal Bailey contributed to this story. 

Brentwood officer reportedly stabbed by someone with a knife. Oct. 11, 2023. 

Brentwood officer reportedly stabbed by someone with a knife. Oct. 11, 2023.