California recall candidates make one last push for votes

The candidates in the Governor Gavin Newsom recall election made one final push on election day.

The governor spent the final day in the Bay Area, while the two leading Republicans focused on Southern California.

In a final push before polls close, Newsom made a stop in the friendly territory of San Francisco where he spoke before the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 6.

He rallied the troops to stave off a recall, becoming the second governor in California’s history to face such a battle, and the 4th in U.S. history.

While Newsom is seen as the frontrunner in the race, Republican Larry Elder has the best chance of winning if Newsom is recalled..

The conservative talk show host has crisscrossed Southern California in the final days of the race to drum up support as the leader among the GOP looking to unseat Newsom.

Polls show Kevin Faulconer and John Cox are the closest Republicans behind Elder. 

Cox started his election day with a stop in Long Beach, where President Joe Biden and Newsom appeared the day before.

Like Cox, Faulconer, a San Jose native and former mayor of San Diego, remains a long shot, if the polls are to be believed, but he remains optimistic.

"Time to get out and vote. This election is all about the future direction of our state," said Faulconer.

When the tallies begin to roll in, Newsom will watch the results from Sacramento.

Larry Elder plans to host a viewing party at the Hilton in Costa Mesa, and John Cox will host a gathering at a restaurant in Rancho Santa Fe.

Faulconer is set to host a viewing party at his campaign headquarters in San Diego.

According to the California Secretary of State, roughly 8.6 million ballots have been handed in and accepted from around the state. That means that 38.3% of California's 22 million registered voters returned mail-in ballots before election day.