Car plows through Oakland bike party

A group of Bay Area cyclists were shaken after someone drove a car through their Friday night gathering. 

Cellphone video shows the vehicle plow through the group of riders on Alcatraz Avenue and Shattuck in Oakland, without stopping or yielding. 

Witnesses said the car drove away after striking at least one rider.

The group was gathered for an East Bay bike party, a monthly event in which people decorate their bikes with bright lights, play music, and ride together on a planned route.

"It’s a really empowering event it’s one that people feel safe in so to have it disrupted in this way is troubling," said Ben Gerhardstein. "It took the joy away from me on that evening."

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Oakland City Councilmember Dan Kalb said the driver should be held accountable for what he called "dangerous behavior."

"Some drivers, not most, but some drivers still have this ridiculous, antiquated arrogant mentality that if they are driving a car they are more important than a pedestrian or a bicyclist," said Kalb.

The driver was in an older Lexus, witnesses said.