Chilly weather in parts of the Bay Area over Memorial Day weekend

On Memorial Day weekend at Crown Beach in Alameda, you might expect to see people swimming and families picnicking. But Sunday, the sand was virtually empty. The cold wind seemed only inviting for kite surfers. 

David Geissler, who lives in the East Bay said, "It does feel colder, quite colder than it has in past years."

Geissler and Felicia Tripp were outside, taking a dog for a walk. The gray gloomy sky and choppy water were not ideal for a beach day. 

"It’s not so fun," said Geissler. 

"I just went on a vacation to Ireland and Scotland and I felt like this weather prepared me," said Tripp. "Everyone in Ireland and Scotland said ‘oh you come from sunny California’. I said, ‘actually our weather is like yours rights now.’"

At Lake Merritt in Oakland, Nina Davis fired up the grill for a family barbecue. 


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A ceremony in San Francisco on Sunday honored those who made the ultimate sacrifice while serving in the military.

"I texted everyone this morning to bring jackets and blankets, it’s breezy," said Davis. 

Davis, along with some family members and friends said they decided to make the most out of the holiday weekend and come to the lake. But this colder weather was not exactly what they had in mind for this outdoor event. 

"Not so good this year," said Davis. "It’s cold. Usually, it’s warm and nice; everybody is outside filling up the park but this year…"

"We ready for that warm weather. We ready for the sun to pop out again," said Dale Davis. 

So when will that warmer weather come? 

"We are going to see this colder pattern continuing," said Dial Hoang, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

Hoang said it could be two to three weeks before things heat up. He said this gray May we’re seeing is not entirely unusual. 

"This is not an unusual thing to see during this time of year," said Hoang. "The coastal stratus does begin to form around April and May."