CHP vehicle fatally strikes pedestrian in San Mateo

A California Highway Patrol officer fatally struck a pedestrian while driving his patrol vehicle when the person ran out on the freeway in San Mateo, officials said.

CHP Lt. Chris Mullins said the man was pronounced dead at the scene. The officer driving the patrol vehicle was not injured, Mullins said. 

"Pedestrians are not allowed to be on the freeway," Mullins said. "It's unfortunate what happened."

Mullins said the officer was traveling in the eastbound lanes of state Highway 92 on Wednesday near the S. Delaware Street exit about 10 p.m. 

The lanes reopened about 4 a.m. Thursday.

It was unclear what the man was doing on the freeway or the circumstances leading up to the crash,

The officer had a handcuffed DUI suspect in the front seat of his white Dodge Charger cruiser, which is not equipped with a partition for the back seat. The two were heading to the CHP Redwood City office at the time of the crash. Neither the officer nor the suspect was hurt.

The officer was not able to assist the victim because of the suspect in his car, said Capt. Jason Cavett. Instead, the officer called for backup and paramedics.

CHP officers stand at the scene where a pedestrian was killed by a patrol vehicle in San Mateo. Sept. 20, 2023 

CHP officers lay down tape on SR 92 after a patrol vehicle killed a pedestrian in San Mateo. Sept. 20, 2023 

A CHP vehicle fatally struck a pedestrian in San Mateo. Sept. 20, 2021