Suspect in Oakland robbery attack was just released from prison

A suspect arrested in an attack and robbery on two women in Oakland had been freed from prison 11 days prior, authorities said.

Clarence Esteen III, 31, was seen on video Friday evening punching two women in the 5500 block of San Pablo Avenue and snatching their belongings, police said.

An off-duty Oakland Police Department officer saw the crime along with other witnesses in the area.


Berkeley jewelry store robbed of at least $500K in goods

Another Bay Area jewelry store was hit by smash-and-grab robbers — this time in Berkeley.

They followed Esteen, who eventually dropped the stolen belongings, police said. The off-duty officer was able to collect the stolen items.

Esteen was arrested in the case but has not been charged yet as police are searching for the two victims in the brazen assault.

Esteen has been charged in three other robberies that happened at McDonald's, Papa Johns, and Cassave.

He had just been released from prison for an unrelated robbery before the recent incidents.