California community college students offered dual admission to Cal State University

Community college students now have another path to transfer to the California State University system. Cal State is offering guaranteed admission to first-year community college students at its 23 campuses. 

Cal State University hopes this program will increase access to its schools and make it easier for community college students to earn a bachelor’s degree for less money and faster. 

"I would say yes, I would go for it. I mean if I’m able to get into it that would be nice," said San Jose City Community College first-year student, Ayush Prasad.

Students we spoke to at San Jose City College say they’re pleased to hear about California State University’s new Transfer Success Pathway program. CSU says that 40% of its students transfer from California community colleges and TSP will help community college students alleviate some of the challenges associated with transferring to a university.

"Well, it helps students feel more comfortable that they don’t have to fight for what classes they want to get. They’re going to be able to get them during that semester," said Kathy Barth, a third-year SJCC Psychology student. 

Starting this fall, California high school students enrolling in community college can receive dual admission to a Cal State University campus in the major of their choice, if all eligibility requirements are met for the university. In March, CSU released this statement saying in part:

"The Transfer Success Pathway is the CSU's promise and commitment to those who don't take a direct route to a four-year degree, particularly those who face academic, geographic or financial barriers." - April Grommo, CSU assistant vice chancellor of Strategic Enrollment Management.


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"You can be more involved in your city college and then worry about your classes here without constantly having to worry about the uncertainty of the future," said Amuuna Batbold, San Jose City College communications student.  

First-year community college students are eligible for TSP if they were not eligible for CSU admission when they graduated from high school if they didn’t apply due to personal or financial challenges, or if they weren’t able to enroll in the CSU campus of their choice. 

As a part of the program agreement, students must complete an associate degree or an established course of transfer at a community college within three years.

"I actually applied under a major I wasn’t really interested in just to get into the school. So if my major had guaranteed me entrance, I would’ve been able to do that first year instead of transferring under a different major and switching over into the major I actually wanted to be there in," said Ida Abdul Bawab, a former transfer student and San Jose State University graduate.  

CSU says 40% of its transfer students graduate within two years and 80% graduate within four years. The program will also provide counseling to help keep students on track to graduate. 

The deadline to apply to Transfer Success Pathway for this fall semester is Sept. 30.