Concord police say juvenile shot and killed man on bike

Concord police arrested a juvenile in the fatal shooting of a man on a bicycle.

The shooting happened just before 10:00 a.m. Saturday at the corner of Meadow lane and Johnson Drive, and took the life of Salvador Victor Ocha Castro.

A memorial of candles, flowers, and an Easter basket sits on the sidewalk to remember the 30-year-old.  Witnesses say Castro, whom everyone knew as Willie, was shot while riding a bicycle. It's believed the shots came from a passing car. 

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"I heard the pop, pop, pop.  And it sounded like a gun," said Mike, who didn’t want to give his full identify.  "When the paramedics started working on him they pulled up his shirt.  I could see the bullet holes in his back."

Castro was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. 

He was a father to a nine-year-old girl, and although he was living homeless, he received and gave a lot of love in his life, according to his ex-girlfriend.

"Even if he was having like the worst day he would always have a smile on his face, nobody would even know that he was going through a lot," said Daisy Hernandez.  "And he loves his daughter and he loved me.  He was just a good person."

Concord Police say they've arrested a juvenile in the case, adding they recovered evidence  linking him to the crime.

The family says they have no idea why anyone would shoot Castro, saying he may have made some mistakes in his life, but was well liked.

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They say the arrest only brings them a little comfort.

"It does but at the same time he's still not here, and I know my daughter's dad did not deserve this," said Hernandez.

Concord police have not released any information about a possible motive, and are asking anyone who may have seen or heard something to contact the department.