Embattled Antioch councilmember resigns from committee after run-in with police

Antioch council member Tamisha Torres-Walker has resigned as chair of the Antioch police oversight committee following allegations that she interfered with police during a dispute at her home that involved gunshots. 

The East Bay Time reported that Torres-Walker interfered with officers as they investigated a noise complaint and gunfire at her home over the weekend. She reportedly told officers that "Antioch police can't be trusted."

A neighbor who lives near Torres-Walker’s home told the East Bay Times that she woke up early Saturday morning to what sounded like gunshots and saw multiple police vehicles in front of the house. 

The neighbor said her security system also captured the sound of Torres-Walker yelling, although she couldn’t make out the words.

Antioch Mayor Lamar Thorpe had called for Torres-Walker to resign earlier this week.

Torres-Walker was part of a majority Black Antioch City Council that had been trying to bring police reform.

Raised in Richmond during an era of intense poverty and gun violence, Torres-Walker said she was arrested 22 times by the age of 18, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. She changed her path and won the council election last November with the hopes of changing the city's policing.

Antioch police have said that they are investigating into what happened at Torres-Walker's home.