Deadly stabbing along troubled block near Lake Merritt

Oakland police are investigating a stabbing that killed a man on Lakeshore Avenue early Sunday morning.

It's the fourth homicide in six months on the street adjacent to Lake Merritt.

The man, who has not been identified, was found with stab wounds on the 1200 block of Lakeshore and died after being rushed to a hospital around 3 a.m.

Last month, a man in his 30s was killed during a robbery in this area. On Christmas Eve, a man was shot and killed on this stretch of Lakeshore.

The fatal attack prompted a city official to call for more efforts to boost safety in the area. 

Parking restrictions should be enforced by ticketing and towing cars from the cul-de-sac when the park along the lake is closed, said City Council President Nikki Fortunate Bas. 

"Enough is enough," said Fortunate Bas in a statement. "These senseless acts will not be tolerated. We all deserve safe neighborhoods."