Demonstrators march down Market St. to San Francisco City Hall

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Police in San Francisco are monitoring what they're calling a "peaceful" protest that began at Justin Herman Plaza at 6 p.m. on Friday night.

The demonstration is called ‘Rally Against Police Brutality’ and is organized by several groups and was promoted on Facebook.

KTVU’s Amber Lee estimates the crowd to have peaked at around 1,000 strong. She is at the scene and said it began with about 100 demonstrators, many with banners and signs, who gathered before their march down Market Street to City Hall. 

The protesters said they don't condone the fatal shooting of five officers in Dallas Thursday night, but that they are fighting against racism. 

Joey Johnson, one of the organizers, said the rally is to speak out against “murder and terror by police”.
“Protests against police terror must continue. Why does this keep happening?” Johnson asked.

"I hope it gives us a moment to reflect on what's going on in all of our communities and to reallly come together as a society. I feel really hurt," said Jacqueline Wells, a protester. 

Many said that hurt stemmed from this week's police killings of two black men in Louisiana and Minnesota as well as other officer-related shootings in the Bay Area and across the country. 

"Nothing actually makes a difference unless you actually come out here and spread your energy in person," said 'Spor', a protester from San Jose. "We're out here trying to spread good energy, let the people know that we're fed up with it and that we're not going to put up with it anymore." 

Some said police reforms like the ones put in place in San Francisco is a start, but that more work needs to be done to build trust between police and the community. 

"I'm not anti police," said Wells. "I think they have a really hard job as President Obama said. They're here to protect us, but we need to communicate better with them and find out where that breakdown in the conversation is. 

There was a strong police presence, but law enforcement gave protesters their space. When asked how long they planned on staying out, demonstrators only said, "to be announced". By 10 p.m. the crowd had dwindled to 200 with no major incidents reported. 

Muni reports Market Street is open to traffic once again as of 8:25 p.m. after the F-Market line switched back at Market and 11th Streets and at the Ferry Building. 

More protests are planned in San Francisco next week. Demonstrators said the protests bring about change.