Steph Curry talks bourbon, basketball and babies

Four-time NBA champion and Warriors Star Steph Curry says even now he's taken aback by the reception he receives when he makes an appearance. 

"I do feel the power and the scale of the platform, I respect it," he said. 

Curry sat down for an exclusive one-on-one interview with KTVU on a day when thousands had gathered for a glimpse of the Warriors superstar, hoping they could be lucky enough to score an autograph. 

Curry called the turnout surreal.

But he said he picked the small town of Benicia for the first U.S. signing of his new bourbon brand, The Gentlemen's Cut, because the community has "authentic energy."

Bourbon may be his newest venture, but these days, the basketball superstar is juggling a multitude of projects, a new baby all while training for his first trip to the Olympics. 

Now Curry is talking about what it means to juggle it all and what he says will be his life's work when the basketball eventually stops bouncing.