East Bay family of hit and run victim asks for help in getting justice

An East Bay family is asking for help finding the hit-and-run driver who killed their loved one just a few blocks from his home in Oakland.

Relatives said 50-year-old Carlos Smith was bicycling to the store to buy food for his pets when the crash happened.  They said they're devastated by the loss and they want the driver responsible caught and brought to justice. 

On Friday, the family gathered together to pray and  honor the memory of Carlos.

"Somebody hit him and run and he didn't make it...very, very sad," said the victim's mother Lala Arellano,

She said on Wednesday night just before 10:00 her son rode his bicycle to a store near their family home in East Oakland to buy food for their two cats and three kittens.  

He never made it home. 

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Police said the bicyclist was struck by a vehicle at the intersection of 98th Avenue and D Street. They do not know the make or model of that vehicle. 

Carlos died at the hospital.

"Please, what's going on with humanity? It's unspeakable what we're living through and it's not right," said the victim's sister Janie Smith. 

The family shared video of Carlos celebrating his 50th birthday in January. They said he was self-employed doing auto body repairs, and described him as a quiet pillar of strength, that he helped to support his mom and siblings when he was just 16. 
"I hope the person that is out there, I hope he is seeing this, seeing how much this has affected our family," said Janie. "We are a small tight-knit family."  

According to Carlos' sister Janie, a witness said she saw a white vehicle taking off after the crash, but they are trying to get surveillance video from a business at the crash scene to help with the investigation. 

"He's gone. I just can't believe it. I just can't believe it. I still have so much pain," said his mom.  

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