Enthusiastic Bay Area celebrates Biden's win

Euphoria erupted in parts of the Bay Area Saturday as Biden was announced as the projected winner of the presidential election.

Politically, the Bay Area is overwhelming blue, so for many people, consternation turned into celebration.

A large crowd gathered to express their glee in the streets in San Francisco’s Castro District.

With the Biden-Harris ticket seen as more LGBTQ friendly, people said they were elated to have a change in the nation's highest office.

“We're very happy with the result, with the outcome, and we're super excited for what he's going to bring and we're going to move forward and make it great here,” said Julian Nieto, visiting the Bay Area from Los Angeles. 

The celebration began in the morning in parts of the Bay Area.

A “Count the Vote” rally sponsored by a coalition of unions transformed into a celebration near the Ferry Building as news spread that the ticket they supported had been declared the winners.

“When you look out here today there's nothing but love and peace, and I think we're all excited about the results we got this morning,” said Joseph Bryant, President of SEIU Local 1021.

“I'm elated that we have a change of the guard,” said Carroll Fife, an Oakland City Council candidate still awaiting official results in her race.

In Oakland, horns blared and people screamed in jubilation as a spontaneous crush of cars and pedestrians celebrated outside Grand Lake Theater.

Others danced and sang nearby at Lake Merritt.

One Oaklander concerned about the climate and Covid says she welcomes new leadership that aligns with her values.

“I'm looking forward to rejoining the Paris climate treaty. I'm looking forward to a real plan for COVID-19 and how to manage all these deaths in our country,” said Kate Rix of Oakland.

A birds-eye view in Berkeley showed dozens gathered outside the childhood home of vice-president elect Kamala Harris.

The enthusiasm people carried on the inside was on full display outside, as news they hoped for was finally delivered.

“My neighbors woke me up hooting and hollering and I went outside and I looked at my phone and I saw the count, that Pennsylvania had been called and I just started screaming,” said Rix.

Of course, not everyone is jubilant over this news.

And in his speech tonight, president-elect Biden spent much of his time emphasizing that he will be working hard to bring this nation together.