First person in Bay Area dies in record-breaking heatwave

A man in San Jose died this week in the record-breaking heatwave scorching the Bay Area. 

San Jose Mayor Matt Mahan announced the tragic news Wednesday evening that a homeless resident died in the heat on Tuesday. 

"This was an avoidable tragedy…it's not compassionate to leave people suffering in unmanaged, unsheltered, and unsafe conditions," Mahan said about the death.

A recent report showed that San Jose has the fourth-highest number of homeless people per capita in the U.S. 

A homeless advocate said she's not surprised that the heat has become dangerous and deadly for those living on the streets. 

"It was completely expected when the cooling centers aren’t open overnight, and nobody can lay down there," said Shaunn Cartwright, co-founder of Unhoused Response Group. "They’re not offering anything, no electrolytes, no cooling towels, no nothing. So, it was completely expected, and it’s hot out there in the camps." 

San Jose residents can visit cooling areas at the Camden Community Center, Emma Prusch Farm Park, and the Roosevelt Community Center.