FLASHBACK FRIDAY: A look back at this week, in 1996

For this week's Flashback Friday, we're taking a look back at this week, 20 years ago. 

ValuJet Crash

  • ValuJet Flight 592 was en route from Miami to Atlanta when it crashed into the Florida Everglades on May 11, 1996. All 109 people on board were killed. Our KTVU archive footage shows search teams probing the waters of the Everglades, searching for the bodies of those killed in the crash. It was later determined the fire was caused by improperly stored cargo. The crash brought attention to the need for aviation safety requirements. It prompted airline industry safety changes.

Russian Election

Kevorkian Acquitted

  • During this week – 20 years ago - the man known as Dr. Death, Jack Kevorkian, won again in court. He was found not guilty on charges of assisted suicide. Kevorkian was acquitted by a jury in Michigan. "The jury is what saved me. I am so grateful, and I understand now the value of a jury system." Kevorkian was a right to die activist saying “Dying is not a crime.” Kevorkian was convicted in 1999 of second-degree murder for his role in a voluntary euthanasia. He served eight years and was released on parole. Kevorkian died in 2011.

Fox Hockey Puck

  • Our KTVU archive footage shows when Fox used to highlight the hockey puck, so people could see it better on the screen. The FoxTrax puck was first used in the 1996 NHL All-Star game. Although there were mixed reviews, the puck was popular amongst new hockey viewers because it was easier for them to track the game. In 1998, NHL broadcasting rights went to ABC. FoxTrax hasn’t returned since. One avid hockey fan remarked FoxTrax was no longer needed when HD TV’s became widespread because it was no longer difficult to follow the puck.